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June 2006        1981 Volvo GL Sedan

Dear Vartkes, Mike, Koko, and the rest of the EXCELLENT crew at Independent Volvo, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

JW, JB, and GL


May 2006

I have 100% confidence that Vartkes and his crew will fix my car correctly and quickly and at a reasonable price. They give me recommendations that allow me to keep my '98 S70 w/ 98k miles in great condition. I still get compliments from passengers about my nice solid automobile. Thanks! EC



Happy Volvo

March 2006

A review from YAHOO! Local... An honest place to get your car worked on.

I can only agree with those who have commented on how great a job Vartkes and the crew perform at Independent Volvo. I always know what my options are and everything is clearly explained to me. Independent Volvo also seeks to be just in their pricing and are approachable in nature. - VHARENAS






April 2005

Dedicated and Skilled, great service, friendly staff and skilled technitcians. They've kept my '96 850 purring. Vartkes always informs us of our options, suggests the most cost effective solutions and... the one time he made a mistake, he fixed it, no questions asked. Couldn't ask for more!


1997 - Present

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